METCUB rehabilitates Landmark buildings, applying high renovation standards and innovates in energy efficiency


Hotel Development

METCUB converts historic buildings into hotels, maintaining the original facades and unifying the ground floor design with an open space and a green environment.

We implement sustainable energy systems. In addition, to enhance the different uses, separate accesses and installations are installed.

It is managed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with experience in the Hospitality industry, such as Design and Hospitality development:

  • Fernández Molina is a construction company specializing in restauration and rehabilitation of historical buildings, monuments, construction of new facilities and maintenance of buildings, including Hotel Projects.
  • We have strengthened our environmental commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, “Eneres”, a subsidiary company of Fernandez Molina, is leader in energy efficiency. Certified, collaborates in state grants and international certificates LEED, BREEAM, PASSIHAUS, GREEN.
  • The Committee of Architecture & Urban planning, collaborates in the Hotel Projects, by reviewing the Renovation Plan, advising on proposals to increase the value of the asset and modifications of Historic buildings.